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Fat Cells, Door

Prison cells with a door a size smaller than the occupant.
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A fat farm where the overweight can commit themselves until they have lost enough weight to fit through the custom set opening in the jail cell door.

The hole in the door is adjustable and has a key shape so the skull can get through anytime.

Guards/nurses/attendants keep the voluntarily self committed inmates from injuring themselves.

The tv only works if the treadmill is in motion and meals follow whatever diet guru the inmate has cast his/her lot with. Plenty of water and doctor on call.

And when they can pass the door, they can leave.

THEY PICK THE TARGET DOOR SIZE, AND there is no JAZZERCISE. What is cruel about that ?

popbottle, Jun 08 2015


       Isn't this a little cruel? I mean are you saying they come in voluntarily, but can't leave till they fit thru the door? No MATTER WHAT?
blissmiss, Jun 08 2015

       Why? Whats wrong with being fat?
pashute, Jun 09 2015

       I think this entirely voluntary, [shute].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2015


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