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Expanding Belt

Stretching Belt To encourage dieters
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This is a belt that slowly grows longer to give the impression that the waist measurement is slowly getting smaller getting . Hopefully the wearer will get such a lift from thinking that all the dieting and exercising is at last showing results that they will double their efforts and really will lose weight.
Iridium7, Oct 20 2007

Shrinking Man Altering His Trousers http://www.scifi.co...e250/shrinking2.jpg
I think I may have gone too far with this new diet [xenzag, Oct 20 2007]


       O...got me
Iridium7, Oct 20 2007

       Might the opposite also start happening as panic eating sets in to compensate for perceived shrinkage? (see film Incredible Shrinking Man) [+] for your logic.
xenzag, Oct 20 2007


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