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Digital Minstrel

Live for posterity in song.
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Their is a long tradition in history and literature of scribes and minstrels being used to record the deeds and sayings of important individuals. Unfortunately, although you are surely as important as Charlemagne, society today might not be accepting of a hunched-over little man scratching entries into your personal log as you go about your business.

Instead, a digital recording device mounted into a watch could learn to recognize your voice (based on frequency of occurance and relative volume) and record the audio around every quip you make all day long.

At night, when the recording device is returned to its charging bay, it downloads the days logs into permanent storage and also activates a mechanized marionette minstrel. The minstrel puppet matches phrases you've said (based on syllable count, tempo, and inflexion) to a variety of tunes and then, sings back your quotations mixed to melody.

spartanica, Mar 27 2002

The Best and Greatest Song in the World; http://www.tenaciou...mtv2fullvid_100.asx
Tribute -- for ISDN users [reensure, Mar 27 2002]


       Alone in an office with a temperamental computer, this device would record simply a collection of expletives from me. After the night-time processing, it would result in something like a song from South Park, but not even as funny. And there isn't a great variation in the vocabulary.
sappho, Mar 27 2002

       I currently have "Rocky Mountain Way" stuck in my head; I suspect this device would merely record that over and over again.
angel, Mar 27 2002

       Society pays an enormous media industry to be more than eager to log every wheeze and sneeze of people as important as Charlemagne, if Charlemagne would only let them. I bet some of them are even hunched-over little men.
beauxeault, Mar 27 2002

       That's gotta be right. Funny idea.
reensure, Mar 27 2002

       (Thinks this is much, much better than the 'Digital Menstrual' obligatory misreading)
phoenix, Mar 28 2002


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