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Sympathy for the Gungan

You know the tune...
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Please allow me to introduce myself
An amphibian without any taste
Far far away and long, long ago
Stole many a fan...boy's faith

And I was 'round when Qui-Gon Gin
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Anakin
Fell for Padme and sealed his fate
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is how Star Wars got so lame

I stuck around at Coruscant
When I saw it was a-time for a change
Gave a speach for old Palpatine
Bail Organa screamed in vain

I rode a tank
Held a general's rank
When the droid armies raged
And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
Ah, what's puzzling you
Is how Star Wars got so lame, ah yeah

*(whoo whoo)'s start here, removed at other half-baker's request

I watched with glee
While you poor idiots
Waited almost two decades
For the story Lucas made

I shouted out,
"Who wrote Anakin's dialog?"
When after all
It was Lucas and me

Let me please introduce myself
An amphibian without any taste
And I laid traps for Droideka's
Who I killed just by jerking my leg

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's puzzling you
Is how Star Wars got so lame , oh yeah,
get down, baby

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's confusing you
Is how Star Wars got so lame um yeah

Just as every jedi is a criminal
And all the sith are saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Jar Jar Binks
'Cause I'm in need of some restraint

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your brain to waste, um yeah

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, um yeah
But what's puzzling you
Is how Star Wars got so lame, um mean it, get down

Woo, who
Oh yeah, get on down
Oh yeah

Oh yeah!
Tell me baby, what's my name
Tell me honey, can ya guess my name
Tell me baby, what's my name
I tell you one time, you're to blame

Ah yeah, a-what's my name

Tell me, baby, what's my name
Tell me, sweetie, what's my name

Madai, Apr 19 2005


       You can use < br > to do line breaks.
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2005

       Perhaps some potential, but really, it should have been in Gungan-speech to be totally effective. Withholding croissant pending updates.
Soterios, Apr 19 2005

       Well, I for one feel much relaxed after the song reading.
reensure, Apr 20 2005

       I'd love to comment, but every time I try to engage my brain there's nothing but (whoo whoo) in there. Kinda takes over the last few verses. How am I gonna get through the day without yelling "whoooo!" at everyone? Croissant, cos there's no way I could have thought all this up.
david_scothern, Apr 20 2005

       Whoo a whoo!
zeno, Apr 20 2005

       Yeah, the whoo's are particularly annoying to look at.
RayfordSteele, Apr 20 2005

       Thanks for the line break advice, didn't look after I posted.   

       I could right it in gungan speech, but I do not wish to. Making a parody of a stone's song is one thing, singing it in gungan is just too wrong even for me.   

       And, on another note, the emotional impact is that jar jar could talk normal if he really wanted to, he's just talking like a moron in order to ruin Star Wars for people like me.   

       Why would he do this: Duh! Because he's the DEVIL!
Madai, Apr 21 2005

       Wait, is that from Star Wars? Or is it about Star Wars?   

       I don't know Star Wars stuff. My area is Lord of the Rings...and Aragorn. *dreamy stare*
hobbitcoat, Apr 22 2005

       [Hobbitcoat], Aragorn yeah! Give us some of your ideas ok? And yes pretty cool site this is.   

       =going completely off the topic here but what the he.= When thinking about the people in the lord of the rings, my favourite is Boromir. All others are so good that they are beyond what I could hope to do in my life. But Boromir, ah, he is the most real person to me. When he died he said to Aragorn: I have failed. And Aragorn replied: No! Few have gained such victory! That same victory is the highest ambition I have in my life. To be tempted and gone wrong, like I have, and yet do better the next time around.   

       See you around [hobbitcoat].
zeno, Apr 22 2005

       + This is great.
Is it really "Get down, baby" about halfway thru? I always sing it as "Get down Nellie!" I always mix up song lyrics, though.

       Nevermind about the lyrics. One of the sites about 4 or 5 down on google tried to put a virus on my machine when I was looking up Sympathy for the Devil. Be back later after I finish all of the other scans.
Zimmy, Apr 22 2005

       I just found the most convenient site to do a cut and paste from. You should be able to sing these lyrics to sympathy for the devil kareoke. some lines are clunky, but some things made it seem... preordained.   

       Consider the line:   

       I've been around for a long long year...   

       And star wars opens with:   

       Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.   

       Speaking of lord of the rings, I think a lord of the rings/star wars cross-over would be kinda cool. Think about it: Hobbits with lightsabers! Orcs torturing Jar Jar for info on how to build starships, but all he can say is "meesa not know! Meesa just here to be most annoying as muy possible!"   

       Viggo did Aragorn well, but I am annoyed because they spent too much screen time with the whole aragorn/arwen love story, and gave nowhere near enough time to the Eowyn/Faramir love story.
Madai, Apr 22 2005

       [Madai], there's so much potential there it's ridiculous. Anakin as Frodo, Yoda or Qui-Gon as Gandalf, Aragorn as Obi-Wan.   

       The Jedi council / house of Elrond. Of course we all know who Jar Jar would be. "Meesa hates the filthy Jedises..."   

       Wookies or ewoks as hobbits, storm troopers or droid fighters as orcs, and Merry and Pippin as R2 and C-3PO.
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2005

       I was thinking more along the lines of a bunch of Jedi and Sith somehow landing in middle earth, and discreetly building lightsabers and stuff to equip the force-sensitive denizens of middle earth.
Madai, Apr 22 2005

       I think that it was appropriate to put in the Aragorn/Arwen story because it revealed more of his character, but you're right madai, they didn't put in enough for faramir and eowyn. They're so cute in the books!   

       And I like the idea for the Lord of the Rings/Star Wars crossover. (Yippee for hobbit lightsabers! ) I think someone should write a story or parody of that and let us know when it is finished. Not me though because I know zilch about Star Wars as I said before.
hobbitcoat, Apr 22 2005

       hey, i really liked that star wars lotr crossover idea! Why hasn't anyone done anything about it? I suppose i could try but I'd rather that someone else do it.
hobbitcoat, Jul 19 2005


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