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Pedometer song

Sing this song to count your footsteps.
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There should be a song -- a really long song -- whose verses count the number of steps you have walked, by heading each verse with "100 steps" or "200 steps" or something, up to "9900 steps" for the last verse, maybe. And not a repetitive song like "99 Bottles of Beer", the verses would be different.

Maybe there could be songs to count miles or kilometres, etc.

Juuitchan2, Mar 13 2002


phoenix, Mar 13 2002

       I Suggest Juuitchan2 enlist in Military.
thumbwax, Mar 13 2002

       Let see, a runner takes somewhere in the balllpark of 46,000 steps (minimum) to run a marathon and I hate repeating my self, so the song needs to be longer. heh.
dag, Mar 13 2002

       Well uh-I would walk five hundred miles and uh-I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who'd walk a thousand miles and fall down at your door...
RayfordSteele, Mar 14 2002

       Nice, uh, song? But with each verse being 55 steps, it doesn't make for the easiest counting scheme.
dag, Mar 14 2002

       easy is too easy.
po, Mar 14 2002

       Do a solo arrangement of one of the infinite-series counting pieces from Philip Glass' "Einstein on the Beach."
feedmewithyourkids, Jul 03 2003


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