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Dirty Gary

palidan of the legally abused
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Dirty Gary is not one person, it's just the name he takes when on assignment.

Call Dirty Gary when a salesman has sold you something - with VERBAL agreements which, you know you, yourself would honor - for that's what you were taught since you were a young'in.

Dirty Gary will find the lawsuit for breach of contract that the MF'ers who rain down on you for the same ....

Dirty Gary will find former employees who know their shame in what they did - they got screwed just as bad as you did.

Dirty Gary will explain why you payed & payed 'till the end of the 3 year contract even though, you knew you got had a week into the deal because of LIES.

Dirty Gary makes corporations like MCI or APX (Castle Rock Security) DIE - PUNKS!

Because to use the law to subvert justice doesn't stop Dirty Gary!

and your WORD is your WORD - I don't care what the paper says - SCUM!

I wish you would have back-researched the geneologies so you would have known - I ain't just your avg heathen, FOO!

Not only am I related to the Founder of your Utah Church - I'm the cousin of freakin' DIRTY GARY.

He's been to both Iraq & Afghanistan .. I know 'cause it pissed me off he got sent there - he told us he was an Air Force mechanic.

Maybe he was, maybe he infiltrated W China & photographed Bin Ladens' grave - & maybe none of that. Maybe Dirty Gary doesn't mind those who use the law to subvert justice - I don't know.

If you meet him, go ahead and make his day for me - wouuld'ya?

Zimmy, May 16 2010

Gary Busey? http://www.youtube....watch?v=kqsN1smBIeE
[jaksplat, May 16 2010]

Allegory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory
A literal definition, and therefore, by defintion, not allegorical. [8th of 7, May 17 2010]


       Why does he have to be dirty?
rcarty, May 16 2010

       *gary* would be a pretty ineffectual name for a superhero.   

       sorry to any gary's out there...
po, May 16 2010

       Gary Shandling?
RayfordSteele, May 16 2010

       I'm sorry you got ripped off. Hope Gary comes home safe. get it in writing next time.
WcW, May 16 2010

       sp. paladin
pertinax, May 16 2010

       Is this an allegory?
swimswim, May 17 2010

       No, it's just something that's a stylised intellectual abstraction of the real event.
8th of 7, May 17 2010

       //Is this an allegory?//
No, allegories are much clearer. If the slough represents despond, it'll be called the Slough of Despond. If somebody represents every man, he'll be named Everyman. What this is about -- except that [Zimmy] got taken by some salesthing* -- I can't imagine.

       *Condolences [Zimmy]. May all of his (her) teeth fall out, except one, and that one should have a terrible toothache. May a trolley car grow in his (her) stomach.
mouseposture, May 17 2010


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