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Disco Party Bathroom

Relive the '70s in the bathroom
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Public bathrooms are among people's least favorite places to be. A room full of similar (hopefully) gendered homo sapiens excreting body waste into porcelain bacteria colonies. Unless you're in New York (where they seem to take pride in it), people are usually too embarrassed to fart out loud and struggle with holding it in. Oh, sure, you could sound proof it or something, but that's boring. You'd still try to hold off until you got home. But yesterday, whilst using the facilities provided at my place of work, the lights were humming and flashing almost like a strobe light. Of course, the bulbs just needed to be changed, but nevertheless the halfbakery section of my brain began functioning, putting me in a dreamlike state and showed me the greatest bathroom I've ever seen. The floors were made of lighted tiles, the urinals had afros, the lighting was made of several spinning lights of various colors which were refracted off of a mirror ball, random disco songs were playing over the loud speakers, and incense was burning somewhere in the room. The music solved the sound of the bodily functions, the lighting eased the tension, the incense overpowered the reek of defecation, and the floor just transformed it into a party. You no longer dread the public restroom, you embrace it. Oh, and this would probably go over REAL well in San Francisco.
AfroAssault, Jul 01 2001


       GENIUS! There should be a Disco Bathroom in every self-respecting business in the world. Except Walt Disney World... That would just be wrong. 70 people crammed into a smelly, disgusting humid room with no doors topped off with the BeeGees? Thank but no thanks. But if it was anywhere else, I'd say "Go for it!" And ya know what? I think I will. Go for it!
ichinichi, Jul 02 2001

       the Walt Disney World version would, of course, feature "it's a small world" sung by animatronic toilets.
djymm, Jul 02 2001

       Baked on 'Ally McBeal'.
angel, Jul 02 2001

       ...so when does it explode, AfroAssault?
Lemon, Jul 02 2001

       When someone lights a match.
AfroAssault, Jul 02 2001

       Also baked by the coffee house down the road from me. I don't know about the mens room, but the ladies room has a disco ball and wildly painted walls.
FakeGreenDress, Jul 03 2001

       Yes i agree, disney bathrooms are spotless. And i always felt compelled to eat all of the soap out of that little dispender. Or at least get a bag and take some home with me. (note to self, fly to disney world, steal soap, go home)
MrBubbles, Aug 23 2001

       This should also have a fog machine, maybe even a live DJ.
KillerLou, Aug 27 2001

       How about a 1980's style bathroom?
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003

       My boyfriend's office is just like that! Strobe lights, scents burning, silver walls, candles, music...the coolest bathroom in the world!
irinel, Feb 19 2004


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