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Dispensing Mouse

It poops Tic Tacs
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A re-engineered mouse with a storage compartment and dispensing chute mechanism that ejects a trail of Tic Tacs when you scroll a page using the scroll wheel or ball.
skinflaps, May 17 2007

Tic Tacs. http://www.tictacusa.com/
Small sweet mint candies, oval in shape. [jutta, May 18 2007]

cherry blossom http://www.google.c...oi=froogle&ct=title
[po, May 18 2007]

Black Licorice Nibs http://www.candydir...ice-Nibs-Black.html
Not quite as small as tic tacs. [Canuck, May 19 2007]

Imps ! http://www.licorice.../Imps/body_imps.htm
These are tiny... a quarter of the size of a tic tac. Take a look at their brand name on the ejackson site. I was a bit shocked. [xenzag, May 19 2007]

a very old brand name. http://search.rubyl...d=70&sb=1&sb=Search
fascinating site [po, May 19 2007]

No mouse though. http://us.st11.yimg...house_1946_63989823
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 19 2007]

Mouse Diapers Mouse Diapers
[zen_tom, May 19 2007]


       I'm pretty sure I've seen one of these but it was a moose (I really have, that's not a joke).   

       Also, I thought this idea was going to be a device for either dispensing mice or dispensing of mice.
marklar, May 17 2007

       wouldn't it be better if it dispensed your daily medication at the correct time of day? not that I have the slightest clue about your daily medication, of course.
po, May 17 2007

       //daily medication//   

       Tic Tacs?
skinflaps, May 17 2007

       possibly a placebo for polo mints?
po, May 18 2007

       not to use to shine your shoes then? now a mouse that did that would be a great idea.
po, May 18 2007

       Maybe you could train a few mice to clean your shoes?
skinflaps, May 18 2007

       a hamster on a stick?
po, May 18 2007

       Nah, that's candy floss.
skinflaps, May 18 2007

       dye those tic tacs black first +
xenzag, May 18 2007

       Those would be Licorice Nibs. Sort of. Kinda. OK, nothing like them, but exactly the same colour!
Canuck, May 19 2007

       //Those would be Licorice Nibs// - there used be a tiny, powerful liquorice called "Imps". Not sure if they still exist, but they would also be perfect for dispensing in this way.... just found - see link.
xenzag, May 19 2007

       Imps, kinda like mini Fishermen's friends.
skinflaps, May 19 2007

       The afore-mentioned candy poopers. [link]   

       This is sooo Dissgusting.   

       <waves 2 the lovely skinny>
The Kat, May 19 2007

       when I scroll using the wheel my mouse is not moving so how is the "trail of Tic-Tacs" deposited and where?
jhomrighaus, May 20 2007


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