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Inter-dimensional Mouse

Wireless-Optical-Mouse with memory, for cutting and pasting on multiple machines.
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This will have to be a USB type mouse-set, with on-board memory, will enable users to drag and drop over multiple computers.

The uber-mouse will have power over all the other mice (?). When it comes into range of another PC it takes over control of the pointer and whatever the mouse was carrying on the original PC will be wirelessly transmitted to its new spot. Obviously, each computer will require the neccessary hardware.

You will obviously need a chair with wheels.

Trodden, Mar 28 2003


       Damn. I was thinking this was going to be about a mouse that I could use to double-click on a HB link yesterday. Or in a parallel universe.
Cedar Park, Mar 28 2003

       No network?
Shz, Mar 28 2003

       You're thinking is too confined to the physicalities of the real world. In a more perfect computer environment, what you see on your screen would not be confined to the output of a single computer, and so existing dragging and dropping technology would suffice to transfer objects from physical computer to physical computer. But wait - we can do that already. No wheelchairs necessary.
DrCurry, Mar 28 2003

       so someone could hide outside my window near the computer and copy whatever text field the cursor was in at the time, perhaps even a password field!   

       interesting idea, but it would need to be very secure.
ironfroggy, Mar 28 2003

       Although this idea is obviously mislabeled (mice being in 2 physical dimensions aleady, and there being "3d" mice on the market), the idea has merit..   

       I would also like to expand by proposing a "universal cut and paste".. basically, you could use a device of some type for copying text, pictures, etc from any media then pasting to the screen of a computer.   

       A _very_ simple example: You are reading a magazine and enjoy an article.. you do 2 things; copy the URL by scanning over it with the device (like a digital highlighter) then paste that into your browser by pointing at the screen and pressing "paste" on the device. You can also scan over the text of the article (Say; steps on how to do something) and either paste that to the computer, or into a palm-sized device for later use.   

       As always, the mind runs rampant with uses if the idea is feasible. :)
JackandJohn, Mar 28 2003

       JacknJohn - a dimension is not neccessarily a plane of physical space, rather a variable which could be anything i.e. :- temperature, time. In this case the dimensions are different computers.   

       What would you think if you were a mouse pointer and suddenly your nice wallpaper of Buffy the Vampire Slayer suddenly turned into a houndstooth tile pattern.
Trodden, Apr 02 2003

       So, as I get this:   

       A combined mouse and memory device (HD or flash).   

       Wireless connection to host computer (Bluetooth, WiFI or USB adapter and RF).   

       Software to facilitate "copy" (backup to mouse drive) and "paste" functions, where the mouse storage acts as the/a clipboard.   

       Multiple installs of necessary hardware/software across machines.   

       Neat. I paste this bun in your general direction. [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 29 2006

       My uncle already does something similar.
apocalyps956, Sep 29 2006


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