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Storage Mouse

A USB mouse with a mini hard drive built into it.
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Ok, I know there are computer mice with built in flash drives, but those can't store very much information, and if they could they would be ridiculously expensive.

My idea is to have a computer mouse with a mini hard drive built into it, it could come in anywhere from 4 gigabytes up to 80GB (or even more in the future) like Apple has in their iPod Video. With this you could carry all the files you need (and want) with you, and you could hook it up to any computer (with a USB port).

BJS, Jun 30 2006

128MB Mouse Flash Drive http://www.ubergizm...ess_to_desktop.html
[BJS, Jun 30 2006, last modified Apr 06 2007]

Memory Optical Mini Mouse w/128MB Flash Memory http://www.iogear.c...MB%20Flash%20Memory
The other kind of mouse. [BJS, Jun 30 2006]

iPod Hard Drives http://www.ipodmods...op/hard-drives.html
come in 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 8GB, 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, and 120GB. [BJS, Jun 30 2006, last modified Jan 18 2008]

Toshiba's 0.85-inch HDD http://www.toshiba..../2004_01/pr0801.htm
is set to bring multi-gigabyte capacities to small, powerful digital products. [BJS, Jun 30 2006]

Toshiba's New 2.5-inch HDD Has World's Highest*1 Areal Density http://www.toshiba..../2006_06/pr0501.htm
Company's Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology Achieves 200GB Drive With Only Two Platters. [BJS, Jun 30 2006]


monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       damn, i came up with this almost a year ago, but my idea involved using it as a secure storage device that wouldn't be stolen when someone is trying to get your sensitive info. gotta give you a bun.
tcarson, Jun 30 2006

       I guess a potential problem would be the 'rattle' factor of a mechanical hard-drive ?   

       Then again, ipods probably take a beating...
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       That shouldn't be a problem.
BJS, Jun 30 2006

       Ok, that's alright then.
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       Isn't this just consumer advocacy? Make existing device x better?
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 01 2006

       Well, they say that one of the major forms of invention is improving older concepts...   

       You did say "Like the ipod," as an example, right?
ye_river_xiv, Jul 02 2006


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