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Memory Mouse

Move you data around from PC to PC
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How about a Bluetooth based mouse with a Flash Memory card built in to it. Kind of a mobile removable storage device. Take it with you wherever you want to go and have your data at your fingertips (literally). Blu tooth auto-negotiates with whatever PC is nearby and away you go. Bit of a bugger if you forget your mouse at home but otherwise.
spooner, Dec 24 2003

(?) Mouse with memory http://store.yahoo....e/newflasmousm.html
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004]


       what [jutta] said, a mouse is a fairly impractical item to carry around, and they bite.
neilp, Dec 24 2003

       agree with [jutta] and [neilp], can't see the point of such a device, but is sort of already exists. see link.
jonthegeologist, Dec 24 2003


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