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Mouse Hide-A-Key

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Especially useful with those pesky lockable cabinets. Save the room on your keyring, put 'em in your mouse. Can also be used for other items. Use up that unused space.

<plug>In association with the Swiss Army Mouse.</plug>
ghillie, Nov 19 2004


       And where do you put the screwdriver that you need to open up your mouse? On your key-ring?
angel, Nov 19 2004

       Hide-a-keys normally have a slide-in slot where you can store stuff... no screwdriver needed ;)

Oh wait, that was a joke... I think. :P
ghillie, Nov 19 2004

       Like the hide-a-key rocks, this would work because it blends in with the umpteen dozen other mice on your desk.
half, Nov 19 2004

       But what if someone steals your mouse?
NickTheGreat, Nov 19 2004

       [-] for making hiding spots common, and thus ineffective.
sophocles, Nov 19 2004

       As a deterrent to theft, I would make the mouse incredibly heavy, or look broken.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 19 2004

       Or look like a rock.
half, Nov 19 2004

       or a real mouse...
po, Nov 20 2004

       Yeah, make it a real, functional mouse connected to the computer. Why would anyone steal just an average mouse?
Face, Nov 20 2004

       I meant make it look like a squeaky furry mouse - oh never mind...
po, Nov 20 2004


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