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Dog Ear Dinner Wind

Eats up - Ears Up
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I observed my dog eating his evening meal tonight, ears dangling into his food, resulting in the usual hairy, sticky mess. I decided to come up with a better idea for keeping his ears clean than tying them together behind his head, which works only temporarily, and is probably uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that it makes him look like a Vegas showgirl in front of my other more macho, yet vertically challenged pooch.

Taking into account his love for feeling the wind through his ears, which become airbourne in the slightest breeze, I decided to create a "Windy Dinner Bowl"!

Elongated in shape, with a sensor to detect when the dog's head is hovering over the bowl, setting off mild jets of air from either side. His ears are lifted skyward in an exhilarating heady rush, whilst he partakes. Orgasmic, almost.

Later: Corrected "Windy Dinner Bowel" typo.

Helium, Sep 03 2003

(?) Bowls for spaniels etc. http://www.pet-expo...exe?PARTNUM=ETH6406
Long baked. [squeak]

Hairy is... http://www.geocitie...helium1/halfpoo.htm [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Hairy is... http://www.geocitie...helium1/halfpoo.htm
[Helium, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       There are already ways of preventing ear-trailage. See link. However, I fully understand that dogs like their ears blowing in the wind (witness 100% of dogs sticking their heads out of the windows of travelling cars) and I like the combination.
squeak, Sep 03 2003

       squeak - the linked, round "'baked" bowl doesn't have a built-in wind-machine, as the idea indicates.   

       Helium, could you post a pic of the foo-foo dog? +   

       Edit: Grrrrrr - why does everybody finish annotating right before I do at this hour?
thumbwax, Sep 03 2003

       my dog really hates me blowing (gently) in his ears. nonetheless it might suit other dogs.
po, Sep 03 2003

       But the downside to wafts of air keeping pooch's ears out of his/her dinner is the ever-present smell of dog food lingering around the feeding area. And, yes, I know how quickly dogs eat.
PeterSilly, Sep 03 2003

       My kityy ben had nine lives...needed ten
benlevi7, Sep 03 2003

       thinking about alternative solutions, crossed my mind this might be a wind-up.   

       He, I get an error with that link. can you fix it?
po, Sep 03 2003

       As soon as I can work out how [po], it was just his Stevie Wonder impression which you've seen.
Helium, Sep 03 2003

       help me with mine mate, apparently its abysmal!
po, Sep 03 2003


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