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Detanglable Leash

a leash that can never be wrapped again
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i know this is sort of already been baked, but i think this kind of leash would be better than the one mentioned before:

after the leash has been wrapped around a tree, a fence post, or a person, the leash will touch itself b/c it's been coiled, right? well. after the leash touches itself, it will then "melt" into itself, a lot like an ameoba or a planarian worm. the part of the leash that has been wrapped will then break off, and the leash will still be just as rigid b/c the "melted" part has grown to be even thicker but will not be wrapped around the tree! i know this is half baked, but i think of these things when walking my dog, who is bright, but not so bright sometimes.

cheebug, Apr 02 2001


       whats to stop it breaking or pulling out into thin strands anyway(if -not- round a tree?)
technobadger, Apr 02 2001

       well, the only way that the leash can even break off is if the outer core touches itself. otherwise, the leash is very rigid and durable. now, you ask, "what the heck kind of fabric or material can do that?" well, i don't know and i'm sure i don't want to know.
cheebug, Apr 02 2001

       "Outer core?" Is that anything like an inner shell?   

       The main problem I see with this (assuming for a moment we've found a material that would behave as described) is that you would end up with a shorter leash every time it wrapped and reformed.
PotatoStew, Apr 02 2001

       innner shell, outer core. yeah, that's twisted, isn't it?
cheebug, Apr 03 2001


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