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Biatch ringpiece ring

Did you smell the ring he bought her?
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This one required several visits to the Urban Dictionary.

The idea is a kind of dog wedding ring, which is filled with anal gland scents from her man and is attached around the outside of the ringpiece, so other dogs can find it easily and know she is married or, at least, that she's not an available female.

4and20, Sep 24 2012


       Likely bad science.
rcarty, Sep 24 2012

       Would it also work for....Guess not.
Lessor Spotted Kiwi, Sep 24 2012

       'This one required several visits to the Urban Dictionary'... slow day at the office?
Phrontistery, Sep 25 2012

       Not so romantic, me thinks not.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2012


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