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Dog Exercise Stick

Adjustable from hub-chasers to retrievers
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Problem: No two dogs are alike. They all need exercise.

Some will happily retrieve a stick all day. Others will saunter up to a thrown stick, sniff it, and stare back at you wondering why you'd thrown away such a neat toy.

Solution: This rubberised and bendy device can be bent into various shapes: From a cylindrical 'stick' to a aerodynamically shaped boomerang.

Simply adjust the shape to best match your dog / their mood and temperament, and throw it.

Example settings:

Hub-chaser: Stick shaped - You may need the exercise if your dog doesn't.

Pointer: Semi-Boomerang. He'll get the exercise, and wait near-by for you to catch up.

Dachshund: Boomerang - Won't have to go too far, but is encouraged to chase.

Dub, Feb 14 2006

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[Dub, Aug 12 2013]

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       If you make it smell like another dog's bum, then it is bound to go after the stick. It may spend some time just pushing the stick around the field, but at least it'll get some exercise.
coprocephalous, Feb 14 2006

       I wonder how one would go about making a stick smell like a dog's bum; I have thought of one method, but I do not think that it is necessarily the best.
calum, Feb 14 2006

       <giggle> Oh, Calum. <sigh>
po, Feb 14 2006

       Bugger that! I'm not picking that thing up.
Dub, Feb 14 2006

       "What's brown and sticky ?"
8th of 7, Aug 12 2013

       "Nor me. It's the cobblestones."
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2013


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