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Dog claw digester polish

Soften up those claws.
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Wild canids and working dogs wear down their claws on the unforgiving earth. Indoor pet dogs get about 10 minutes a day for any potential encounters with said earth, probably in the form of sidewalk. Is there any way that the claw wearing down can happen faster? Because then there would not have to be claw clipping, with associated drama.

BUNGCO's Claw Digester works on that claw to break down the keratin and soften the claw, so that those 10 minutes on the sidewalk is the equivalent of a days run across the tundra.

Rumor has it that the Claw Digester is a welcome hygiene aid to humans with curling, fungus-infested clawlike toenails as well.

bungston, Feb 26 2017


       Would it not be simpler to buy a treadmill? If you hold your chihuahua in place, it becomes a very effective belt sander.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2017


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