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Dog Corrals

Why leave your pet at home?
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I often want to go to out to eat at night, but I feel guilty leaving my dog at home alone for a long time. I've noticed in just about every old western movie I've seen, there's a post for the cowboys to tie up their horses, but there's no longer any designated place for dog lovers to leave their furry friends if they want to go inside.

My idea calls for a raised wooden porch in front of public buildings with a horizontal bar running aound the rail, about 4 feet off the ground. On the rail, spaced about 5 feet apart, are carabiner clips with swivel attachments for hooking leashes.

Under each hook-up is a heated (during winter) water spigot and a pop-up water (and food) dish dispenser like those found at many buffets.

An attendant feeds choice table scraps (at eating establishments) to any dogs left in the corral, and the whole thing has a low cieling (about 6 ft high) with a wide overhang to provide adequate all-weather shelter for our furry companions. The raised porch is to keep them from being kept in a puddle of water during rain or snow.

21 Quest, Oct 09 2006


       + ("Hey, tell the chef this tastes like low grade dog food" ........."DOG FOOD!!!")
Zimmy, Oct 09 2006

       You've captured my dog's personality perfectly.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2006

       They do this at some places in the more hippy sort of towns. (Which is basically everywhere I have lived for the past thirty years.) Nothing quite so formal though. But "Dog Hitching Posts" are pretty common.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 10 2006

       [21 Quest], a new depth of humanity you have now revealed. May your puddleless pooch porch be purchased in prodigous numbers. (+) or, you could move to civilisation (aka France) and enjoy having your dog with you in the restaurant.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 10 2006

       "And I don't want Fluffy getting any old table scraps. Only the sirloin."
Shz, Oct 10 2006

       I'm thinking you need to find dog-friendly restaurants that will let you tuck your dog discreetly under the table.
DrCurry, Oct 10 2006

       + this is so cute and thoughtful and the dogs get to make new friends.
xandram, Oct 10 2006

       I though this might be a method of creating dog shaped coral... their nashing teeth foaming as the tide washed in and out of their gaping mouths
xenzag, Oct 11 2006

       you would have to make sure that the dogs didn't start fighting... especially when the table scraps start flowing in. Maybe there could be like.. little separation fences between each guest at the corral, or even two, spaced about 3 inches apart so that they couldn't touch each other even if they were attacking through the fence.
rascalraidex, Nov 17 2006

       Well the idea would call for each pet to have its own food dish to prevent that, I should have specified food *and* water bowls. You're absolutely right.
21 Quest, Nov 17 2006

       this would be nice for lots of places other than restaurants. The gas station is only a couple blocks from my house, and i would like to be able to take my dog when i walk there, but there is no place to tie her up. The gas station is on a busy road so i don't want to risk rigging her up and it coming undone when i am shopping.
rascalraidex, Nov 20 2006


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