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Dog Vacuum

Whilst you are at work, the dog does the housework
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I think that there are too many dog owners that leave their dog alone in the house throughout the working day. The poor dog will be bored and without stimulation may begin to wreak havoc around the home either chewing, defecating or in extreme cases, logging into your faceache account and 'liking' updates about food, walks in the park and the smell of dog ass.

This is where the dog vacuum comes into force. The dog can choose to step into the paw grips with the vacuum trailer behind and then walk around the house vacuuming as it goes. The dog not only gets some exercise but it also gets little treats dispensed based on distance travelled.

Who needs Caesar Milan when you can have the dog vacuum? Happy hound, happy days!

wowbagger, Nov 29 2012

You call that vacuuming the carpet? Bad Dog! http://i376.photobu...deDogMowingLawn.jpg
[AusCan531, Nov 29 2012]

A baby version http://www.kcpwindo...0/07/Chindogu-4.jpg
[TomP, Nov 29 2012]

Hey! It's no yoking matter. Vacuum_20Cleaner_20Yoke_20for_20Pets
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 29 2012]


       Gary Larson got there way ahead of you. [link]
AusCan531, Nov 29 2012

       Dog step into the grip of its natural enemy, the vacuum? Better would be to turn the vacuum cleaner on remotely and give the dog a bark target. Adequate barking turns the vacuum off.
bungston, Nov 29 2012

       Welcome [wowbagger]. Prior art for this is already an idea here, [link] so someone will probably mark this for deletion, (see help file for MFD protocols), but until then.

       Hmm, I did search before I posted this but clearly not well enough... My newbie apologies & thanks for the welcome!
wowbagger, Nov 29 2012

       Welcome to the aitchbee, [wowbagger]!   

       Perhaps if this is baked successfully, steps could be taken to allow bored dogs to operate stock trading software and do other tasks that would benefit from less human input.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2012

       So, how do we know [wowbagger] isn't a dog doing the hb thing?
woof- welcome
xandram, Nov 29 2012

       What if you have a dog that a webcam reveals to spend almost all her day fast asleep on your sofa?
8th of 7, Nov 29 2012

       Most pet dogs sleep or at least lie down and rest for 16-20 hours per day. Even working dogs such as herders average about 14 hours of prone rest, since they lie down whenever they have a couple of free minutes. They idea is fun, but I doubt your dog would get much vacuuming done, treat dispenser or not. I know my lazy hounds wouldn't.
Alterother, Nov 29 2012


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