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Double-Decker Pizza Box

A more practical way to deliver pizza.
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My IdeaSpark* is to have a double-decker pizza box, with one section for each half of the pizza (the whole pizza is still round). So...

(1) You only open the top section of the box to eat the first half of the pizza, and the second half is still warm in the bottom by the time you get to it; and...

(2) the box is easier to fit in the fridge, or...

(3) in the trash can.

(4) It would probably more convenient for the delivery people to carry (the thermal bag could be carried at the side of their body, and not in front of it).

(5) This is an instant branding gimmick, to clearly set apart a particular pizza delivery place.


SparkBugg, Mar 23 2007

Original Posting (SparkBugg.com) http://snipurl.com/1dsmz
[SparkBugg, Mar 23 2007]

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       Darn, I thought this was for ordering two pizzas.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 23 2007

       if the bottom of one box is the top of another then you have saved some cardboard.
MercuryNotMars, Mar 23 2007

       Yeah, but what it you like to order half pepperoni half black olives, and the black olives are on the bottom. You have to wait until the pepporoni people are finished to get your black olives. Very sad.
ColonelMuffins, Mar 23 2007

       Then the pizza people should cut the pie in half the other way, causing a quarter-pepperoni quarter-olives on top of another quarter-pepperoni quarter-olives.
phundug, Mar 23 2007

       //if the bottom of one box is the top of another then you have saved some cardboard.//   

       Of course, you waste some in making the edges (which are becoming proportionately greater). So, you *also* divide the box in the second dimension and stack it correspondingly. Likewise the third dimension in order to reduce the amount of end-wall.   

       Continued ad infinightum, you will have a pizza box of unlimited capacity, made from zero cardboard.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2007

       This is brilliant. And [phundug]'s solution to the half-and-half problem is a stroke of genius.   

       However, the way I eat pizza, none of it is ever gonna get cold.   

m_Al_com, Mar 25 2007


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