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Drunk out of someone else's mind

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New terminology needed to cover being drunk out of someone else's mind.

Liable to happen to telepaths, multiple personality disorder sufferers and group minds (hint - starts with "B" and ends in "org").

Writer currently drunk out of own mind on box sake. Please give (black coffee) generously.

not_morrison_rm, Feb 20 2013


       This could be a service, actually, for alcholic or alcohol intolerant telepaths: they pay for the drinks, the host gets drunk, telepath occupies the drunken brain, scrams like Cinderella at some pre-agreed time, and the host is left with a cost-neutral night out, a hangover and (for the premium service) no memory.
calum, Feb 20 2013

       I wonder what might happen were a Vulcan to perform one of their famous "mind melds" on someone so intoxicated - this must have happened on at least one occasion, no?
zen_tom, Feb 20 2013

       I've done this before. Trying to comment on someone else's drunkenness, I informed them: 'I'm out of your mind'. I then tripped over and sat on the camp fire.   

       I still maintain that I said the phrase the other way round, but I'm told that it didn't come out that way.
TomP, Feb 20 2013

       Drunk out of someone else's mind is a very real thing. It's what happens when one's made a complete pariah out of oneself at a party becoming "that guy". After which one's phone doesn't seem to be able to receive or make calls.
rcarty, Feb 20 2013


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