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ideas recorder

something to keep you from forgetting
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a device that can actually be used to record your ideas without having to say or write them, they are recorded as ideas and sent back later as ideas

when you have a lot of ideas in the same time and by the time you say, write or even develop one of them in your mind all the rest are gone

this device would record them all and give them back to you one at a time whenever you want them

it is also good for a diary or for studying the mind of babies (of course, the ideas can only be "read" by the one that had them in the first place)

brutus, Jul 03 2000


       This would actually be a great thing for us writers of the world, also. I can't count how many times I've been on the highway or something and had a few GREAT lines of poetry just come to me, inspired, and I end up cursing myself the rest of the way to work because I just KNOW I'm going to forget.
dagrrl, Nov 19 2000

       Expecting this from Google or Facebook any day now.

Also, (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Nov 02 2017

       If your debating subconscious thinks it is a good idea, it will surface later. Just check it's new. Hold on, just check it.
wjt, Nov 02 2017


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