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imood.com mood ring

no more depressing mood swings
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For those of you out there who own webpages and are obsessed with letting others get "in the know" as to how you're feeling, (ala imood.com), but are sick and tired of suffering the labor-intensive task of trying to come up with an adjective that properly suits your vibe, this idea is for you!

I submit for your approval the following treatment: that a mood ring be created that zaps your mood to a database computer via wireless computer chip. This database then automatically records the mood and is subsequently published onto your internet web page, your pager, and anywhere else that is appropriate!

If you're still not convinced, just listen to this story!

"Samantha was having a great day on the 3rd. Unfortunately, she was killed in an incident involving bananas and poor peripheral vision. Police investigators were able to call up the mood at the time of her death - "surprised" - and from that, they were able to properly decode the events play-by-play at the time in question!"

The question is, how can you live without one of these things?

lucidish, Aug 13 2000

imood.com http://www.imood.com
For those of you who haven't seen it already. [bookworm, Aug 13 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Pretty easily, actually...I've never felt the desperate need to be connected that some people seem to...pagers, cellphones, ICQ, ICQ status on their webpages, pagers that send and recieve ICQ, AIM, and so on...The world would be a better place without webpages that document how many times a day someone scratches their ass...
StarChaser, Aug 13 2000

       just imagine 'survivor' online. im not disputing the horror of this evolving classless Big Brother international culture, but hey, when in roam...
lucidish, Aug 14 2000

       Huh? I thought everyone always wanted to know how many times fingernail touched glute
bear, Aug 14 2000

       My tummy hurts...
BurntFlowersFallen, Mar 05 2001


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