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A way to send messages without typing, dialing, or speaking
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Have you ever wished you could send someone a note but were too busy/lazy/far away to open up your mailer? What if you had a mindmail account with your friend? Then you could simply think your message to him.

You would want to register only a select few mindmail buddies, people you really want to hear from. Also, you would want a very secure on/off switch on the chip, to prevent accidental transmissions.

Ideally, mindmail messages should flow via wireless links directly to their target. I suppose it might be necessary for messages to flow through a network, however. Recipients are alerted to the incoming message and can choose whether or not to listen. Account holders must have a chip implanted just above the ear. (Hmm. Maybe this is a job for Bluetooth.)

Mindmail should be a free service; those who purchase a premium account will get access to the duplex version, which allows for realtime mind-to-mind conversation. Yow!

gorbaduc, Jun 26 2000


       Bleah! Keep it out of MY head. MORE spam that you can't get away from...
StarChaser, Jun 26 2000


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