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Telekinesis in a Box

Now you can be just like Carrie!
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You know those memory enhancement things they try to sell at seminars and on infomercials?

They should create a similar several-step kit that allows you to "awaken" and develop your hidden mental ability of TELEKINESIS, the ability to move objects BY WILL ALONE!!!

Now opening a door (or setting a gymnasium on fire) will never be the same again.

mrkillboy, Sep 07 2000


       I don't get it. You're using an expression from the genre whose creation you request; obviously you must be aware of its existence.   

       There's lots of con artists and new agers out there who promise superpowers of all kinds to their followers / the purchasers of their products.   

       Or is this another case of "gee, I wish it was for real?"
jutta, Sep 08 2000

       Sorry, but it was meant to mean:   

       "If telekinesis is probably real, and I wasn't born with it, I would like to learn it via a kit, really quickly, without intensive learning, training and refinement, and instead of the usual instant comic book means of genetic tampering, alien experimentation, exposure to radioactive goo, or such and such."   

       As the old saying goes, we only use about 10% of our brain, so one day through aided evolution or compter technology, it could be possible to fully "turn on" the brain and be able to tap into mental powers such as this.   

       I liken this idea to how Jedi Knights have to refine their force powers over several years, but this kit compresses that into 6 weeks.
mrkillboy, Sep 08 2000

       I'd buy this for certain! I'd love to be able to give little slaps or shocks to people from time to time- especially to telemarketers, rude callers, or hostile users who call me when I'm working in tech support.   

       In fact, there are thousands of tech support workers who'd buy this- simply because they don't give us a 'Shock Caller' button on our phones.
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       and if you call now, we'll throw in a remote mind control and neural remapper....FREE! but wait....thats not all.... we'll also throw in a remote-mind-control shield...to stop those stubborn neural remappers..........etc
likwidnarkotix, Nov 21 2000

       I agree with mrkillboy. There should be something like that. If there was i would defitnely buy it. It has always seemed like something that i have wanted to do since i was little.
DJBoy69424, May 01 2004

       Why is this not mfd'd as "magic"?
GenYus, May 01 2004


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