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Dual Hitch/Stearable Hitch

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This was inspired by the "Aerodynamic Trailer," My concept is to place 2 balls (and not the kind that hang beneath the hitch on your Dodge) on the end of and extendable hitch on each corner of any vehichle, OEM of course. The trailer can then ride very close to the vehicle, and the hitches can extend when a turn is made.

A computer would have to control the rate at which the the hydrolics extended the tounge. The computer would also have to have the distance between the back of the vehichle and the axel to properly adjust.

And now the benifits of such a system: Greatly imporved aerodynamics (due to a much closer trailer) with the added benifit of EASY stearing, no more wrapping a trailor around your truck.

RXAaron, Oct 17 2006


       frolics with hydrolics?   

       (sp. hydraulics)
webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

       But aside from that, it's a sound idea. A couple of spelling mistakes and a typo or two don't make it easier to read, but nor do they change the idea's content. [+]
david_scothern, Oct 17 2006

       I believe I understand the idea, and it sounds okay, but there are few problems that would have to be solved for it to be a good idea.
BJS, Oct 17 2006

       I've seen some small trailers with two hitches to the bumper and one castoring wheel in back. So it's a good idea, but I think you need to figure out the extending mechanism a little better, maybe.   

       A bleated welcome to the Halfbakery, and no comments about the spelling. (I meant to spell "belated" there, but the irony is too good to correct.)
baconbrain, Oct 17 2006

       Yes, I appalogize for my spelling. My friend Erik constantly insists that I need to improve my grammor to increase my reputability. I insist I'm just right brained.   

       Incorporating the system would be a big change to do to the automotive industry. It's implimentation would be just about as difficult as the four wheel stearing system that some of the GMC's have.
RXAaron, Oct 24 2006


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