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gooseneck for the car

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I would like a gooseneck trailer for my car.

I would like a kit to line the trunk to make it waterproof, with a big ball in the floor of the trunk.

Or maybe some sort of watertight swivel that goes through a big hole in a spare trunk lid.

I would also like the trailer, neck, and attachment to resemble an actual goose so that it would be aerodynamic.

nomocrow, Nov 01 2007

Gooseneck Trailer Mfg. Co.,Inc. http://www.gooseneck.net/index.html
The original, but not very explanatory. [baconbrain, Nov 01 2007]


       There is so much I don't understand.
Texticle, Nov 01 2007

       [Text] now just lie down, breathe deep and visualise a goose. Oops!
po, Nov 01 2007

       <aside> I came up with a similar idea after watching "Monster Garage" and letting my mind wander...
Take small(ish) car, stuff a bigger engine in it, and put a proper truck 5th wheel in the back. It would require most of the back, sides and roof to be removed/fold away, but it would look really weird - a small car towing a 40ft semi trailer.</aside>
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 01 2007

       For those of you from civilized places, a brief trailer talk: A gooseneck trailer doesn't attach to a ball on/near the bumper of a truck or car, it attaches to a bigger ball mounted in the bed of a pickup, right over the rear axle of the truck. The trailer, instead of having a flat, level tongue from the trailer bed to the hitch, has an arching "gooseneck" that goes over the tailgate of the pickup. It also goes over the sides of the bed in very sharp turns, so a gooseneck trailer is more maneuverable than a bumper-type trailer. It also handles better, and can carry larger loads.   

       A fifth-wheel trailer looks much the same, but has a flat, greasy plate taking up much more space in the pickup bed. It can carry even more weight, though, providing the truck can pull the load.   

       (My dad once mounted a trailer ball on the top of his garden tractor, and made a trailer with an extra-long long gooseneck. He could turn completely around under the arch, and back-up the trailer by pushing it ahead of him.)
baconbrain, Nov 01 2007

       Ah, thanks. I was thinking of an actual goose.
Texticle, Nov 01 2007


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