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boat trailer platform

Transforms your boat trailer into a hauling trailer
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This is a simple unit that sits on top of the rollers or gliders on your boat trailer, and provides a flat surface for storage and transportation of articles. The top is flat, perhaps with eyes for tie down, and maybe places to put in walls.

The bottom is shaped like the bottom fourth or so of a boat - so it fits in the trailer securely. If you put "outrigger" wheels on it, you could load it up on the ground, then winch the platform up on the trailer (be sure to strap everything down first).

unthinkable, Sep 02 2004


       I like multi-use.   

       Would it be better to have have the rollers/gliders, etc. be removable to create a flatter surface for the platform? As I read it, it sounds like this thing might take up almost as much room as a small trailer.   

       BTW - what do you do with the boat? Are we talking lil 'luminum fishin' boat here that you can drag off and put back with two or maybe one person?
half, Sep 02 2004

       Why not just leave the boat in the trailer and throw all your stuff in the boat?   

       If not, I don't see how you get around the problem that [half] pointed out. I guess if you keep the boat in a garage or carport (boatport?) you could use pulleys from the rafters to lift the boat off the trailer and leave it hanging while using the trailer for other purposes. But I don't remember seeing many people who have covered parking for thier boat.   

       The idea has some potential, but right now I'm not seeing a huge advantage over just owning a separate utility trailer.
scad mientist, Sep 02 2004

       Hmm...how about a boat support frame that sits on a flat trailer? The boat frame could have "camper jacks" attached to it so that it could be lifted from the trailer easily.   

       Would take a fairly low deck trailer and a way to make the boat jacks clear the fenders/wheels for pulling the trailer out from under the boat.   

       Not sure if permanent decking on the trailer would be a problem when launching the boat. It would certainly mean towing extra weight.
half, Sep 02 2004

       half, that's been baked at least once, by the guy we sold our Folkboat to, almost exactly as you describe.
oxen crossing, Sep 02 2004

       Then problem solved.
half, Sep 02 2004


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