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Parking a Boulder

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Once the summer arrives, out come the caravans! It's not enough for these idiot boxes to clog up the roads, they insist in stopping where they like, and blighting otherwise unspoiled landscapes.

Parking a Boulder at least partially solves the latter problem, by disguising the offending caravan as a large rock. It comes in the form of a realistically painted canvas, that contains under its outer skin a large number of inflatable irregular shapes.

Once secure in its location the canvas is pulled into place, and the various shapes inflated, causing it to take on the generally lumpy outline of a large boulder. Netted sections allow light to penetrate the interior.

Note - canvases available for every prevailing landscape colour.

xenzag, Apr 18 2009

Parking a Boulder http://www.petrogly...roglyph_boulder.jpg
there are two families weekending in this scene [xenzag, Apr 18 2009]

Caravans! http://www.seatonti...-Caravan-Park-2.jpg
without their boulder guises [xenzag, Apr 18 2009]

Field of Caravans http://www.audubons.../images/hickory.gif
the great annual caravan Hajj [xenzag, Apr 18 2009]

YT/GV Search for Jeremy Clarkeson and Caravans http://video.google...&resnum=4&ct=title#
[Dub, Apr 18 2009]


       (You're a piece of work [xenzag]!) Yes...boulders are the answer. And how about some of the boulders have large snakes coiling over them to scare off the less brave boulders?
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009


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