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Dud Cart Lane

Place to put broken shopping carts.
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So you grab a shopping cart, and chances are it's a dud: it wobbles, a wheel is stuck, or it pulls to the side. Why? because the last shopper noticed the same thing, and left it in front of the others where you are most likely to grab it. The dud shopping cart lane is a place to leave the duds so zillions of other shoppers don't make the same mistake. UK version: Dodgy Trolley Lane
rmutt, Jan 31 2001


       One of my local supermarkets has baked this in the form of "I'm broken, please fix me" tags for shoppers to label wobbly trolleys with.
JKew, May 28 2001

       + hah, one of my pet peeves- solved!
xandram, Mar 11 2008


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