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Shopping cart skis

Snow and Ice? With these it's nice!
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Hello, first timer here!

So winter is hard on most people, in northern climes it snows, then gets packed down, turns to ice then melts in infinite patterns on parking lots, making it almost imposible to push a loaded shopping cart to your car. The front wheels dig in and tipping over is a certainty. Two solutions I have:

1. Bigger, softer, solid rubber wheels. I mean way larger and wider than the ones on them now. These could be retro fitted in the fall and taken off in the spring(or just left on.) They would be very quiet and smooth and no more skidding when a tiny pebble gets cought under one. The rubber could be made from recycled tires. They could also be positioned on the front so they are a little wider apart for stability.

2. Drop down skid/skis. When you push your cart off the side walk the front wheels dig in, right then you could step on a pedal and skis drop down(ratchet action) and raises the cart only slightly and off you go sliding smoothly to your car. Step on another pedal and they come up and out of the way!

Sparticus67, Mar 15 2006


       Siberian huskies optional?
skinflaps, Mar 15 2006

       But daddy why do we need to stop at the grocery store before we go to the tobogan hill?   

       On behalf of Supermarket Pirates everywhere, yarr!
methinksnot, Mar 16 2006

       snow? me lives in the tropics but my imagination works so croissant (which is novelty here too)
Tanned Black, Mar 16 2006


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