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wonky wheel indicator

for shopping trolleys
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a calibration device that indicates as a blinking light on the handle.

a perfectly balanced, with a perfect forward thrust and no sideways-whatsoever-inclinations trolley will have the light blinking in the middle of the handle.

a blinking light on the right side of the handle shows that the trolley will slightly veer off towards the right and thus is suitable for right-handed shoppers.

a blinking light on the left side of the handle shows that the trolley will slightly veer off towards the left and is thus suitable for south-paw customers.

no blinking lights at all indicates that the trolley is not blinking working and should be thrown in the nearest river. no sorry, I didn’t mean that. the faulty trolley should be immediately reported to a senior member of staff and the wonky wheels rectified promptly by a qualified blinking trolley technician (holding at the very least a MNIFRWWQ)

po, Apr 18 2003


       I usually dispense with my shopping cart in the river. Well, it just goes that way after I let it go. Why should I propel that thing back into the store? Me, pluter? My time is too valuable. Far more valuable than the cart. So croissant. But...

How does the calibration device work?

May I make a suggestion? Just use a hill like the one that I use. Let the carts roll down. Those that smash into the side of the building are right handed. Those that smash into a parked car are left handed. Those that head straight and true into the river -- those are the good ones.
pluterday, May 14 2003

       Please make sure you include a big flashing red light indicating that one of the wheels is stuck or lopsided. I hate that.
Worldgineer, May 18 2004


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