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Shopping Cart Bicycle

Peddle Around While Shopping
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I like to bike...and hate to shop...i was thiking the other day of how to modify one of my old bikes to make it able to carry home large amounts of groceries...i got to thinking about welding a shopping carriage to my front fork..thats no good because of the turning radius...however if i was able to modify the shopping cart to have just one large wheel i would be able to...this would also work for in store shopping...however i think it would be best if the design was modeled after those little motorized scooters...you could sit down and peddle round the grocery store...grocery stores could also lower their shelves making it possible to stay seated the entire time...hopefully this all makes sense...it's late
gniterobot, Sep 02 2002


       //I like to bike...and hate to shop...//   

       Heh, I hate to bike... and like to shop...
I think this would be cute though, and possibly quite fun. I can see a problem with pedestrians being knocked over by overzealous bike riding shoppers.
madradish, Sep 02 2002


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