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Street-Smart Shopping Cart

Shopping carts designed for traversing parking lots
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I always hate pushing a shopping cart across a parking lot because they rattle and clatter and vibrate so much it makes me want to get aquainted with Theodore Kaczynski. I mean, really, is it too much to ask for some sort of shock dampening equipment? Some simple rubber wheels and spring shocks (as opposed to hard plastic wheels and no shocks) would make a huge improvement in my shopping experience, and could even be mounted on existing carts to save costs, so the store wouldn't have to replace all its carts. It would also make life easier for the poor guys who get paid minimum wage to collect the carts.

Now, I realize this is probably less cost-effective than the current method, but, if paired with shopping cart pit crews (shameless self promotion) these things would work like a Swiss watch and ensure increased customer loyalty and bring in more customers who hear about it. The increased revenue would more than pay for the cart modifications.

And if it's still too expensive for stores to implement fullscale, it would be a great investment for pedestrian shoppers who have to walk all the way home from the store with all their groceries. Many pedestrians in my town like to "borrow" carts from the store, but I don't see how they can stand that damned rattling and clattering the whole way. In addition, many stores in Spokane have taken steps to prevent the "borrowing." These steps include an invisible barrier on the edge of their parking lots that lock a cart's wheels if the cart passes over it, thus rendering it immobile.

If I didn't have a car, this would be something I'd invest in. Of course, I'd probably go all-out and get a completely personalized cart with a red chrome finish, cupholders, a sunshade, fluted handlebar for breathability and increased gripping traction, a clip-on fan, and a clip-on FM radio.

21 Quest, Apr 18 2009


       I vote yay! (What no flag?)
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       Flags are optional, of course.
21 Quest, Apr 18 2009

       They should just flock right off to their little holding pens.   

       I'll not vote until you solve the steering problem. Everytime you want to negotiate a corner with a shopping cart you have to plce your body slightly beside the cart and push, wreaking havock on your knees and ankles and wrists trying to push it the right direction.
zeno, Apr 19 2009

       All 4 wheels would be swivel-mounted. To make it easier to control (because I always struggle with such carts wanting always to move sideways when I want them to move straight or simply turn) the rear wheels would only swivel slightly, not capable of full 360 degree swivel. This would aid in cornering because the rear wheels wouldn't skid when turning, but they would also be spring-pressurized to make them go straight again after the turn is completed.
21 Quest, Apr 19 2009

       ok bun as promised but I really should be taking a test run first.
zeno, Apr 21 2009


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