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A way of making a four-wheeled conveyance from two motor scooters.
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The DuoScooter kit cosists of two sturdy metal frames. One fits at the rear of the pair of scooters, holding the rear chassis a fixed distance apart. The other fixes at the base of the handlebar pivot, and transmits throttle, brake, and steering connection from the "master" scooter to the "slave" scooter. Attaching the front coupling bar altomatically disconnects all the control linkages on the "slave" scooter's handlebars.

A panel of rigid material clips between the running boards between the scooters, creating a "floor"

There are a number of benefits to this idea:

1. Four people can travel to a location together, with luggage carried in the floor pan, then spilt up into pairs for independant travel.

2. A disabled scooter can be conveniently moved, although at much reduced speed.

3. an improved weather-protection cover could be implemented.

4. Four people can travel; only one needs to be a driver.

5. The vehicle can be collapsed down into a small space or a number of smaller spaces when not required.

8th of 7, Jul 12 2002

The Granny Bike http://www.thegrannybike.com/
This is where I got the basic idea [8th of 7, Jul 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Side By Side Tandem Bike http://cyclelogicpr...e.net/US/26USA.html
Not the same thing, but much more halk-baked. Should be an inspiration to us all (dream weirder!). [DrCurry, Jul 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Malcolm (IMDB) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091464/
[spidermother, Sep 14 2006]


       blissmiss: Not quite - that's a 2CV you're thinking of. This is similar, but more rugged and better designed. Two scooters, fixed side by side, linked front and rear, with steering columns coupled together, and a bit of floor in between. See it now ?
8th of 7, Jul 12 2002

       I see how it would work, although the steering geometry would be a bit gruesome. I don't see the point; if you have two scooters, presumably you have two drivers. This would require a car driving licence, as it's no longer a motor-cycle.
angel, Jul 12 2002

       angel: You're right - the handling will be interesting unless there's a bit of spring/flexion in the couplings. It's only intended for low-speed operation anyway.   

       This would let one driver move 3 non-drivers.   

       It's a way of making a cheap, stable "microcar" from subassemblies capable of independant operation. And I think it would be a "fun" thing too.   

       I hadn't considered the licensing (or insurance) implications.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2002

       You probably mean the scooters to be manufactured especially, both by the same firm, isn't it? Modifying existing scooters would probably be hard. But if it's new ones that can be used either separately or together, I can see families buying them. Or two couples. One less person will have to stay sober when going out drinking.   

       As for licensing and insurance, they can probably be similar for those needed for a Vespa with a "boat" for passengers. A scooter's license and a higher insurance, as far as I know.
Gwenanda, Jul 12 2002

       You might want to expand your line of catamotorbikes:
- coupling bars with flexible attachments to allow banking in curves
- sidecars(boats) to allow two more passengers
- allow connection of one scooter backwards to create a private merry-go-round
- allow connection of scooter(s) minus front wheel(s) behind first scooter to create scooter train
- allow connection to bicycle in case you run out of gas(petrol)
FarmerJohn, Jul 12 2002

       I've seen a type of rig to do this where the end result looked more like a tricycle.
reensure, Jul 12 2002

       lz: Thanks. You confirmed what I thought might be the major problems.   

       I only ever envisaged this for low speed (sub-30mph) urban use where cornering performance might not be so much of an issue. Throttle and braking are more serious challenges. I thought the throttles could be linked if both bikes had an electronic ignition that could sync the revs.   

       What a shame there are no pics of the prototype.
8th of 7, Jul 15 2002

       I've had this idea (very similar, if not the same) before and it was since deleted. Two motorcycles which would connect to a central 'cab' and become a four-wheeled vehicle.
waugsqueke, Jul 16 2002

       waugsqueke: ... Great minds think alike... ?
8th of 7, Jul 16 2002

waugsqueke, Jul 16 2002

       Cover ! <Dives for slit trench as warning shot zips past, pulls helmet down over ears>
8th of 7, Jul 16 2002

       Just mounting 2 mopeds or scooters together would create serious problems with suspension and steering geometry; cars have usually less than 5 degrees of caster, motorcycles and scooters have in excess of 15 degrees, and as much as 45 degrees. Also, by eliminating "cambering," or leaning into turns, you'll introduce very serious rollover problems.   

       I'm not sure what problem this addresses.
whlanteigne, Sep 25 2005

       There is that old Australian movie where those couple cons rob a bank. Then they jump into a getaway car police chasing them. Later other con pulls out motorcycle controls from the glovebox and then other con pulls a pin separating the halfs and they split in half riding twowheelers and going to two narrow alleyways so cops can not follow either one with wide car. Really funny movie but I just can not remember the name.
Pellepeloton, Sep 13 2006

       //old Australian movie// It's called Malcolm. Also has a remote controlled model car fitted with an enormous hand gun and speaker (to issue "hands up" etc. instructions), used to hold up a bank. Brilliant film, I recommend it for all halfbakers.   

       Also, a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of riding in a convoy of mostly modified bicycles, including a machine constructed much as you describe, but pedal powered. It sported on the platform between the two bikes a 200W sound system powered by a generator, omg, it was fully sick mate.
spidermother, Sep 14 2006


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