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Drive from the sidecar

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Gas is $4.50 a gallon. A Harley Davidson motorcycle gets 50+ miles to the gallon. Plus there is the awesomeness of "lane sharing" - when traffic is at a standstill, motorcycles can legally slip along between the cars and continue on their way.

What's not to love? Yet Harley's stock is at an all time low, and motorcycles remain rare along my commuting route. Why?

Probably it is just benign wussidom: commuters prefer the wombic enclosure of a car and fear the intensity and possible extra effort of piloting a motorcycle. Plus it is hard to use a cell phone from a motorcycle. BUNGCO understands Rummy's rule: we must save the Earth with the wuss population we have, not the wind-tousled broken-toothed freedom loving population we wish we had.

Introducing the Sidecar Drive. Aftermarket sidecars are nothing new, but at BUNGCO we have rigged them so you can steer from inside. Nestle in the sidecar, free from bugs, dirt and wind, and enjoy a cheap and rapid commute alonside your empty Harley (you can take the handlebars off if you like, to decrease wind resistance).

Some of our engineers have found lane sharing to be tricky with the extra width of the sidecar. Also, left turns can be dangerous as the motorcycle can occlude your view. The answer: mount that sidecar in front, retaining the skinny profile of the lone bike, and gain the visibility of a freeway luge.

bungston, Jul 11 2008



       //The answer: mount that sidecar in front// congrats, you just invented the SMART car
evilpenguin, Jul 11 2008

       //motorcycles can legally slip along between the cars and continue on their way.// Legally? In what state, Arkansas?
CaptainCrunch, Jul 12 2008

       just make an enclosed motorcycle
Earth 2nd generation, Jul 12 2008

       // Legally? In what state, Arkansas? //   

       It's legal in the UK, where it's called "filtering". Riders of powered or unpowered two-wheeled vehicles may overtake slow moving or stationary traffic on either side, as long as they do so safely and with due consideration for other road users.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2008

       And in California, with some caveats about not doing it at unreasonable speeds.
normzone, Jul 12 2008

       I'd treasure the looks on the faces of drivers going the other way as the see the riderless bike - well worth investing in a GoPro.
normzone, May 12 2014

       //The answer: mount that sidecar in front,   

       Hmm, so it's a front car...   

       and I apologise for mentioning it, but "Monster Wheelchair Motorcycle"
not_morrison_rm, May 12 2014


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