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DC powered street scooters

Clean. Safe. Free.
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Some cities have overhead DC wires used by streetcars, which often run along a track. But many cities so endowed do not use this apparatus maximally. Wasteful. Here at BUNGCO we abhor wasteful.

We did a little experiment with some bumpercars enjoying a temporary holiday from the amusement park. With some modifications, they ran fine off city street wires usually used by the trolley. But how many among us can liberate bumpercars for use when needed?

Introducing the Street Scooter. These scooters are battery powered when away from wired streets. But when you get under the wire, extend the telescoping attachment until the contact plate meets the wire. Drop your tire into the track on the street. Now motor along with clean, city-provided DC power!

As regards the bumpercars, we will be sponsoring a street race on a coming Sunday, when the trolleys don't run.

bungston, Sep 26 2009


       how do you pass?
WcW, Sep 26 2009

       [bungston] can't pass, you can tell it's him at a glance.
normzone, Sep 26 2009

       sorry, "overtake" , 7-11, make the other eat dust, etc.
WcW, Sep 26 2009

       thanks for that clarification, WCW. I was about to detail how I pass something else.   

       one could pass by breaking away from the wire, leaving the track and using the battery for a short period - same as going off into streets without overhead DC.
bungston, Sep 26 2009

       For rural thrills, hook up to the HT overhead power transmission lines.
pocmloc, Sep 27 2009


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