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'Natural' gas powered motorcycle
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Ever had indigestion? Ever thought of using your head (or butt) to go places? Here's how it works: The bloatorcycle comes with a lifetime supply of beans (don't ask where to get them), so you eat them about 4-10 minutes before you ride. The bloatorcycle will have a small latex hole to harness the power of your 'natural gas' into the engine. A small amount of methane will be burned in the engine (very small, unless you want to ride to the plant farm to get some aloe vera for your 2nd degree burns) and it will act the same way an internal combustion engine works. If you have to relive your 'energy' too early, small containers will, hold the gas in until it is needed.

Also noted below is the so called Cowgas idea. The methane harnesses could be collected and stored in a slightly larger container than the standard human-based one. Both then can be used to give the vital energy needed.

croissantz, Jul 17 2004

Methane collecting cow harnesses http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Cowgas
Cowgas [DesertFox, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I don't usually anno on stinky ideas, but this one is pretty good. Should present it on Monday Morning when all the halfbakers are back at their desks.
dentworth, Jul 17 2004

       Methane collecting cow harnesses.   

       Cows produce billions of tons of methane every year. And it's wasted!
DesertFox, Jul 17 2004

       In case you're living under a rock, this is basically substituting gasoline or diesel and instead burning methane gas in a special internal combustion engine.
croissantz, Oct 12 2004


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