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The new electronic day planner (Electronic Voice Schedule Planner)
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This device is everything in an electronic daily planner, but also works as a voice announcer and alarm system.

There are 3 main parts to this kit.

1)The earring.

This allows the user to hear; any recorded voice memos, scheduled events stored within database, stored phone numbers, stored addresses, word spelling / pronunciation, and/or downloaded music. This is a waterproof device and can be worn as either an earring (metal brace attached to ear), or ear piece (wraps around your ear.)

2)The watch.

This is a wrist watch mainly for the access of time. This watch also shows any and all previously scheduled events stored within the database as soon as they are entered. Also, this controles the sound level of the ear-piece. It has multiple event warnings, such as; vibration of watch, beeping ear piece, and so on. This is also stainless glass and waterproof, it also has the strength to hold up to 3,000 lbs. of pressure.

3)The computer database.

No internet access is needed for this part of the product, but standard computer hardware is required for installation. This is a simple program to install. Simply follow the direction given in installation pamphlet.

PurplePanther, Jan 27 2006


       So, this has nothing to do with "E-spondez, s'il vous plait" (ESVP) to party invitations? That is, making your acceptances or sending your regrets to invitations via electronic media? I'm slightly disappointed.
jurist, Jan 28 2006

       Nor is it anything to do with Express Video Supply (EVS), Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) or Extended Play (EP).   

       [-], mostly for the writing style. How does the watch or earpiece communicate with a computer? What sets off the earpiece? Does it just start playing at the set intervals? Or is it playing constantly? The description is somewhat lacking, and the name is decidedly uninformative.
hidden truths, Jan 29 2006


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