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EZ dust Keyboard

Finly a keyboard that practily dustes it self
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A keyboard with a network of tubing in it. The keyboard would have an outlet on the side for a small hand pump (included), or canned air. When the pump is activated the keyboard dusts it self from the inside, so you’re not just pushing dust from the outside of to the inside of the keyboard thus defeating the purpose of dusting
vivaelryan, Apr 27 2002

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       A word of warning about the bakery... there are a few here who when they have nothing better to do, get persnicketty about spelling. I'm not among them, but anyway...
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2002

       I would rather have a keyboard that simply dismantles so that it can be vacuumed easily.   

       I'm a low-grade pedant.  I rarely care about spelling and get persnickety only when I know the writer can spell perfectly fine but is just being sloppy.  Then it's annoying.
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       subtle, bristolz, subtle...
yaffo, Dec 08 2002

       I'd rather use a sprinkler than water the yard. This bieng said, keyboards are much smaller than yards. However, bun.
daseva, Jan 21 2007


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