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Earbug alarm

Grind alarm clock to a fine powder, sprinkle with essence of mosquito, bake to a satisfying crunch
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This is an iPod Nano-size alarm clock with a pair of permanently-attached earbuds. The whole thing costs only $5.99, and has 50 alarm tones that play in a randomized order. Each tone is the sound of a different insect in your ear.

The deluxe model costs 29.99, and has noise-cancelling earbuds to actually help you sleep.

21 Quest, Oct 15 2011


       [+] even though 50 seems unnecessary. Mosquito, cricket, cicada, bumblebee, fly... The sound of a flying insect's wings is all it would take for me.
swimswim, Oct 15 2011

       And the stereo sound effect of the bug flying around your head would _really_ do the trick.
swimswim, Oct 15 2011

       Theres a kind of beetle that I encountered treeplanting that sounds like a helicopter taking off. Those things startled me a good number of times. They also survive being whacked out of mid air with a planting shovel.
rcarty, Oct 15 2011

       Are you sure you didn't encounter a grouse? Because you just gave a pretty good description of a grouse.

       Man, it would suck to have a grouse jammed in your ear.
Alterother, Oct 15 2011


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