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Easier Bowling Scoring

All you bowlers who suck at math, listen up!
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I myself am a big fan of bowling. I play once in a while, but i dont get the whole scoring system with the bonus points and stuff (thank you, elctronic scoreboard). So, I came up with a way that any guy (Beavis and Butt-Head can figure this out) can figure it out.

Here it is : 2 balls a frame (including 10th). 30 points for a strike. A spare is 20 plus the number of pins you knocked down with the first ball. If you don't get a strike or spare, you just count the nomber of pins you knocked down. A perfect game is still 300, but you score higher with this system.


HomerX, Sep 23 2002


       Listen up G! It aint no good ideas to go callin' yo-bakers buttheads aw-right home-dog?
[ sctld ], Sep 23 2002

       //All you bowlers that suck at math// Well, if you're not adding nombers, math is a lot easier.
Mr Burns, Sep 23 2002

       Oh, come on. Grammar school kids keep score. I did a little. My brothers who weren't exactly math wizards either, also kept score at your age.   

       Having said that, your way does seem a little simpler though - none of that "spare working" and "strike working" nonsense.
half, Sep 23 2002

       This is an interesting way to make scoring more standard, but the old way takes your skill level into consideration, whereas this way rewards you for lucky strikes and spares. I could see this as perhaps a kiddie scoring system, to even things out when playing with adults...kind of how bumper bowling helps kids get more points.
XSarenkaX, Sep 23 2002

       If they'd just put those gutters in the middle, it'd be a lot easier.
thumbwax, Sep 23 2002

       Or used 3 foot wide rollers instead of balls.
PeterSilly, Sep 24 2002

       Could you rephrase that?
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002

PeterSilly, Sep 24 2002

       I too enjoy bowling but am utterly crap at it. It doesn't matter how much you tinker with the scoring system, it'll not do me any good - unless you start awarding points for missing the pins altogether.
DrBob, Sep 24 2002

       He's working on a croissant …

       mm. He's got action on that ball, but it remains to be seen if the seasoned players on this circuit will step up the pace or reserve for a more conservative 15 frames. The nights aren't getting any shorter.
reensure, Sep 24 2002

       Candlepin bowling is much better.
waugsqueke, Sep 24 2002

       The old (REEEEEEALLY OLD) RCA video game system had a bowling game that awarded 15 for a spare and 20 for a strike. On the other hand, even many mechanical arcade "bowling machines" were able to properly handle the strike-working and spare-working concepts; they're really not that hard.
supercat, Sep 25 2002


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