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Reassuringly expensive
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Like reggler ten pin bowling but instead of the struck pins clattering dully about at the far end of the lane, the impact of the bomb-proofed ball makes the pins explode, with high-def, superslowmo replays on overhead monitors.
calum, Mar 10 2011

Takeshi's Castle http://en.wikipedia..._Takeshi%27s_Castle
Look for 'Skittles'. [DrBob, Mar 11 2011]


       It's unfair that the pins have no defence against the ball - they should be radar-equipped and be able to shoot live ammunition at the approaching ball.
hippo, Mar 10 2011

8th of 7, Mar 10 2011

       [+] definetly! I miss exploding stuff...
xandram, Mar 10 2011

       But watch out: if you roll a gutter ball then the *ball* explodes, and you have to go get a new one.
phundug, Mar 10 2011

       Explosive Bowling +++++. So much more fun than the standard sort.
blissmiss, Mar 10 2011

       Fire in the hole!
Jinbish, Mar 10 2011

       Do you get tasered for stepping over the line?   

       No, machine-gunned.
pocmloc, Mar 10 2011

       [+] for the explosives. If the pins were sensitive enough to be detonated by the ball, then sympathetic det is going to gaurantee a strike every time... so, another [+], for presenting the only chance I will ever have of bowling higher than a 200.
MikeD, Mar 10 2011

       //sympathetic det is going to gaurantee a strike every time//
Hmm, you could use shaped charges that only (er, mostly) blast up (and down), so the pins don't set each other off.
//bomb-proofed ball//
Granite (IIRC) spheres have survived close proximity to nuclear explosions, so there's your ball.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 10 2011

       "Why the bandage and sling ?"   

       "Ach, I took a little bowling shrapnel in the arm, but the kevlar stopped the worst of it ....."
8th of 7, Mar 10 2011

       This flies in the face of common sense that states the bowling ball, complete with sparking fuze sticking out the side, should be the explosive device.
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2011

       dangerous and preposterous (+)
Voice, Mar 10 2011

       Next up, a bowling ball with a pull-pin and flail release ...   


       "Regulation ten-pin bowling balls must weigh no more than 16 pounds (7.2 kg) (governing bodies do not regulate how light a bowling ball may be), have absolutely no metallic component materials used anywhere in their makeup, and have a maximum circumference of 27 inches (68.6 cm) directly in the equipment rules for tenpin bowling, which results in a maximum diameter of 8.59 inches (21.8 cm)."   

       That's a volume of about 1.7 litres.   

       Allowing a 20mm thick epoxy shell, that leaves just under a litre. HMX has a density of about 1.9; that's a little under 2Kg, so the epoxy is going to have to be filled with depleted uranium to get the mass up to something near that of a standard ball. A suitable fuze and detonator pack is only going to weigh a few grams, and can be installed via one of the finger hole drillings.   

       This is starting to look practicable ....
8th of 7, Mar 10 2011

       I have this warm and fluffy feeling inside, knowing that the HB has a resident explosive ordnance expert.
Jinbish, Mar 10 2011

       //knowing that the HB has a resident explosive ordnance expert//   


       *A* resident expert?
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       I knew I could count on the halfbakery: deadly force rule enforcement; explosives expertise; and a design for the balls that, provided the sport takes off in a big way, will result in the wholesale dismantling of Aberdeen. Excellent.   

       Interesting, though, that hippo brings notions of fairness to bear in respect of Explodabowl which is, on one level at least, more fair than common or garden ten pin bowling, in that Explodabowl pins are not subject to a grinding lifetime of physical abuse, each knocked and dizzied pin hoping, as the arm sweeps it into the rear trench, that it will not tumble into the feeder at 1, 3, 5 or 9, to stand exposed, little chance of salvation other than vague prayers to the Pin God, for noodle-armed ineptitude in their assailant. No, in Explodabowl, each perfect pin is sent aware fully of its destiny, comforted that it will, save for gutterball mishap, fulfil in full its destiny, the soul escaping intact to ride the travelator to Pin Heaven, to be reunited with friends, family and frame-mates.
calum, Mar 11 2011

       // *A* resident expert? //   

       We didn't like to say anything. Suffice to say, it's not a mistake [Jinbish] is likely to repeat, in the circumstances.
8th of 7, Mar 11 2011

       But wouldn't every roll would be a strike under this system? We wouldn't be able to weed out the puny, short-sighted weaklings from the highly intelligent, multi-talented, superbeings. I don't think I can vote for that!
DrBob, Mar 11 2011

       // We wouldn't be able to weed out the puny, short-sighted weaklings //   

       On the contrary - they would be the ones who didn't make it behind the sandbags fast enough ...
8th of 7, Mar 11 2011

       // provided the sport takes off in a big way,//

I'm not sure that the sport will take off in a big way but some of the players might.

Also... //each knocked and dizzied pin hoping...that it will not tumble into the feeder at 1, 3, 5 or 9,//... reminds me of Takeshi's Castle.
DrBob, Mar 11 2011

       //But wouldn't every roll would be a strike under this system?//
If the explosions are to be satisfyingly oomphy, yeah, I suppose so. Howsabout bonus points being awarded when the bowling ball bursts straight through the explosion, without significant deviation to its trajectory, to spang hard into the J. Arthur Rank-scale gongs arrayed along the back wall behind the pins. The bigger the bong the bigger the bonus, allowing Übermenschen such as Doktor von Böb to stride to thrilling victory.
calum, Mar 11 2011

       Maybe a gutter ball should activate a claymore anti-personell mine aimed in the general direction of the bowler... just to add some sport.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       It's ok [MikeD] - I'm only using //resident// in the sense of 'position'. I'm not saying that there is an individual - which would be a slight on [8th 0f 7] in any case - I am merely refering to the fact that among the HB 'portfolio' there is expertise in the area.
Jinbish, Mar 11 2011

       //HMX... 2kg// Gonna be a short season.
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2011

       Ah, now that sounds much more like it, calum. I can't award you a croissant, as that would just be effete, but how about a genetically pure strudel - the breakfast of champions?
DrBob, Mar 11 2011

       * begins dissasembling PIR activated bounding fragmentary garden gnome bomb.*   

       *removes blasting cap from, and cradles block of C4*   

       Shhh, Shhh, Shhh. It's alright. [Jinbish] didn't mean it, my precious. He didn't mean those things he said. Shhhh, Shhh, Shhh
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       Well done. [IT]. That was very nearly relevant.   

       Take our advice and leave it at that.
8th of 7, Mar 12 2011


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