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Face to Facecloth

clean your own face with someone else's
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Face Facecloths are face shaped cloths printed with the features of the iconic. All are included: the famous, the notorious, the religious, the shameless, and the shamed, the ugly and the beautiful. The range can be extended for other purposes i.e. general house cleaning.

Can there be a more satisfying thought than mopping the floor using the face of a well known political figure on the end of a stick, their contorted features squashed into a grubby corner, or the idea of being in the bath, lovingly wiping the soap from know where, using the face of you know who ? When finished using them, they could be stored in such a manner as to reveal their best feature, isolated from the rest of the face by careful folding.

Also think how splendid the range would look as they fluttered upside down on the clothesline on a windy day, or tumbled around in a washing machine, fragments of their features occasionally sliding down the inside of the soapy glass door.

xenzag, Dec 11 2005

Bill Clinton Toilet Paper [DesertFox, Dec 11 2005]


       I dunno. I think I prefer the shoe version - a certain Middle Eastern resonance there.
DrCurry, Dec 11 2005

       This reminds me of Bill Clinton Toilet Paper.   

DesertFox, Dec 11 2005

       Lets see, getting blowjobs, or killing people..... HMMMM
Antegrity, Dec 12 2005

       //Can there be a more satisfying thought . . . ?// Yes, giving this a fishbone, or almost any other thought.
baconbrain, Dec 12 2005


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