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Fingernail Scraper

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Shaped like thumb/finger-nails, made of artificial keratin and available in an assortment of sizes, Fingernail Scrapers are the only things guaranteed to almost always unstick a dried-on substance from a hardish-surface.

And when your Scraper is worn down to the quick, just remove it from the handle and replace it with a new one.

(yes, I was painting over the weekend, how could you tell ?)

FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2010

Scrigit Scrapers https://www.scrigit-scraper.com/
Seen in the Lee Valley catalogue [notexactly, Dec 06 2018]


       Could this come with a little packet of simulated spit, for removing especially stubborn substances?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2018

       ^ of course : the dispenser's shape creates a <fthwp> sound, as well.   

       <link> nice one [notexactly]; good to know at least some of my stuff is ending up in a porn mag.   

       Almost 9 years later and I have no idea how anybody was supposed to be able to tell I was //painting over the weekend//.
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2018

       Why artificial keratin? Why not just use your nail clippings, held in a suitably rigid holder?. This could also be useful for teachers who want to make the noise of nails scraping down a blackboard (yes, I know no one uses blackboards now...)
hippo, Dec 07 2018

       Why not use a blackboard clipping, held in a suitably rigid holder?
notexactly, Dec 08 2018


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