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Easy peeler packs

Like the red strips on cheese cube wrappers
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This idea is for condom packaging, to make it easier to open when everyone is ready to rock. I apologise for no making this clear before, yabba do yabba dabba, so i don't mind that many folks misunderstood to start with. I am also a little clueless about where i am supposed to append, so hope its alight with u guys that i did it here...Now, the original note follows :

Essentially, another shot at eliminating the fumble in the dark in the nick of time...i may be butterfingers, but well-sealed packs are damn tough to peel open...one idea, of course, which i saw mentioned here is a small nick in the aluminium foil, that makes peeling it open easy...the other, more elegant one, is to embed a little strip which has a piece sticking out...u grab it and yank, and the foil pack opens easily...again, exactly like a cheese cube wrapper falls apart, or like the shrink wrapping on cigarrette packs and cds.

And BrauBeaton, there are many parts of the world where people continue to do it in the dark, for a variety of reasons...for example, they live in small homes where if a light went on, the kids / in-laws in the next room would catch on...

hondom, Apr 29 2004


       Baked by Laughing Cow cheese. Each piece of cheese is individually wrapped in foil with a red cellophane strip for easy opening. The cheese is only fair to middling though.
Klaatu, Apr 29 2004

       Either that or the lights have gone on their fridges. Although how cheese could ever be "in the nick of time" I don't know.   

       I'll start him off with a +. Can't see why they don't do this now unless perforation is necessary. The rubbers would dry out and be open to spermicide-loving bacteria (?) then.   

       The plastic round cigarette packets is perforated but I don't think gum packets are.
squeak, Apr 29 2004

       I think [hondom] knows it has already been done with cheese.   

       I believe he is suggesting it should be done with prophlactics.   

       ALTHOUGH, I have in fact experienced the pain of "fumble in the dark in the nick of time" cheese consumption...
snikrepkire, Apr 29 2004

       //fumble in the dark// don't you people have light fixtures in your houses? It's also worth noting that the added packaging would make the products in question much more expensive.
whatastrangeperson, Apr 29 2004

       Good idea. No cheese involved. No light fixtures involved. Why is everybody so confused?
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 29 2004

       //a small nick// is a worry! nick! like a cut or something in a condom - gawd.   

       or - did I know this guy?
po, Apr 29 2004

       Yes it could.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 30 2004

       Part of becoming a man is learning how to open condoms and bras. Your heart's in the right place, [hondom], but it's better to fumble a few times and learn than to 'walk' on rip-strip-clutches all your life.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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