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Edible Non-Lethal Force

Save the world without injury while providing snacks.
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Backpack mounted flamethrower-looking device which expels semi-liquified marshmallow (or similarly edible substance). Enraged target (e.g., bear, crowd, godzilla) gets hit with goo which retards their movement then begins to solidify. Target will inevitably go through short, enraged "YOU GOT ME!!" period which will quickly subside when they realize that hey - that's yummy! While they won't be able to eat their way out in any reasonable time, there would be time enough for law enforcement personnel to detach the baddie from the ground and lift the ensconced no-gooder into the paddy wagon (or suitable transport).

Noone hurt. Justice prevails, the courts take over, world saved.

(partially baked ; UnaBubba suggested Edible Rubber Bullets, I think it's far enough from that.)

timpestuous, Apr 23 2003


       Just when you think you've searched the site thoroughly to ensure your idea isn't completely baked, you find Jester's EdiTerrent.   

       Let me know if it's too close to that and I'll kill this quickly...sigh.
timpestuous, Apr 23 2003

       I think there's enough differences between the 2 excellent, separate but unequal ideas to warrant this gooey croissant. Good form.
thumbwax, Apr 23 2003

       What next? Ballistic popcorn?
DrCurry, Apr 23 2003

       Makes me think of the ending of GhostBusters.
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2003

       That was more like an edible WMD.
DrCurry, Apr 24 2003

       Would't the melted marshmallows be hot? 2nd degree burns don't make people happy!
my-nep, Nov 25 2003


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