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Edible Soap

Soap you can eat.
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The title is self explanitory. It would be in a bar form. It would be most useful in the morning when you running late and you don't have time for a shower and breakfast. You can eat half and wash your body with the other half. I'm open to suggestions for flavors.
Hrothgar, Feb 28 2004

(?) Edible Bathing Gel. From Kentucky. http://www.nantucke...2&Category_Code=KSP
Soap, body rub, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, bubble bath. 'Very slippery and sexy'. Choice of 'wild clove' or 'mint tree' flavours.

"What's it taste like?"
"Mmm." [Monkfish, Oct 04 2004]

Just a little baked. http://www.dollsbyj...ges/ecosoabout.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]


       A most excellent idea. Sign me up for vanilla. Just one question--what are we going to do with all the dead people? :)
Arduen, Feb 28 2004

       I have a cat that likes to lick/eat soap.   

       I do feed her, honest! she kinda likes it.
po, Feb 28 2004

       I guess if you had edible soap, you could chew on the bar then lick yourself clean. Somehow the prospect fails to excite me.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2004

       Considering all the places I scrub I don't think I will be eating it.
bkornele, Feb 28 2004

       So this would ensure clean intestinal tracts ?
normzone, Feb 28 2004

       so, what if your saop is flavored "nachos" or "bacon" or something? Sure, it tastses good if you eat it, but if you do use it like conventional soap, would you really want to smell like nachos all day? a crissoint for originality
echo, Feb 28 2004

       echo has a point, i wouldn't want to wash myself with a bar of, well... anything i eat.
whatastrangeperson, Feb 29 2004

       Garlic flavored soap.... Hummus and feta. I could, with the right company, rub something over my CLEAN body and eat it.. Still, I can't help thinking that if the soap will make me taste like it, I'm going to make it taste a little bit like me, too. And first thing in the morning.....Ewww.
MuddyBuddy, Feb 29 2004

       Go ahead, eat it.   

       Sounds like the breakfast soap idea I once posted.
waugsqueke, Feb 29 2004

       Maybe if it was minty...
spacecadet, Mar 01 2004

       > There was a time in human history when the world was a lot healthier than it is now   

       No there wasn't.   

       On the subject, though, olive oil was used (more or less) as 'soap' in classical Greece and Rome. Not quite the same thing as a bar you can munch in the shower, of course.
Monkfish, Mar 01 2004

       dunno the bible gives some seriously long lives but then that is a book of questionable factual accuracy
engineer1, Mar 02 2004

       It ain't necessarily so...
saker, Mar 02 2004

       combine this with Bacon soap and you have in one handy easy to use bar "BREAKFAST AND A SHOWER!"   

       Im not to sure about soap as a meal, but soap that is edible is awsome... I have mint bath and shower gel and its great.. its an "erotic art" product but i think they should make more and sell more... Im not sure about nocho or pizza or bacon flavour, but there are so many other options...   

       Shower with a friend and save water...;)
bdelightful, Mar 27 2004


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