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dodecahedral soap dice

Bar of soap that erodes evenly and economically
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Soap bars are the wrong shape, in that they are thinner in some dimensions than in others. As a result, they are likely to wear out unevenly to the extent that they break in half, at which point they dissolve faster due to their increasing surface area. A sphere would minimise the surface area, but it isn't feasible for soap as it would be very slippery. A regular dodecahedron has relatively little surface area and faces, so it would be more likely to wear evenly and slowly. However, it would still be tempting to place it on the same surfaces, leading to unevenness. This could be avoided by piercing each face deeply with a number of dots to form a die. After each use, the soap could be placed back on the dish with the next number upwards, until the twelfth face is uppermost, at which point the process begins again.
nineteenthly, Nov 17 2006


       EDIT: I just deleted the smart assed comment I made about that which did not come out the way he intended.   

       Make a 20 sided soap dice, it might inspire nerds to shower more
ModernDivo, Aug 02 2008

       Humans, in the morning rush, don't really go for that paint by numbers thing . The shape really has to control the user's use to get greatest wear profile . In the end you are still going end up with a unuseable shape .
wjt, Aug 03 2008

       perhaps you could just hold your soap differently, so it wears differently?
CaptainClapper, Aug 03 2008

       This is totally unworthy...apologies in advance to those that don't see the humor in it...   

       ...Two Nuns in a bathtub.
One says, "Wears the soap?"
The other Nun says, "Sure does, doesn't it?"

       Relatively slowly if it's a dode.   

       [ModernDivo], it could become a project. Convert a dodecahedron to an icosahedron while washing, then back again, and so on until it's gone.   

       Incidentally, i've now found a solution. Make the soap in a tub and only use the top. Definitely cuts down on wear.
nineteenthly, Aug 03 2008

       [nineteenthly], I meant make a soap D20 and maybe scent it really strongly, too, for the D&D player's who don't really shower enough. not all D&D players are like this, but if you play you have probablly run into a couple who could really do with a shower
ModernDivo, Aug 04 2008

       Yes that makes absolute sense. Maybe add a bit of beeswax or cocoa butter to it and it's baked. Actually, that's potentially fantastic positioning.
nineteenthly, Aug 04 2008

       And then at your next gaming session, you can call for DC10 bathe check...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 05 2008

       good point [ninteenthly] I'd go with shea or mango butter though, and let's make it exfoliating while we're at it, most nerds I've met deffinatly need to exfoliate more.
ModernDivo, Aug 05 2008

       Those are quite expensive. I anticipate this would be bought by relatives or friends of the person concerned. Maybe that would make it more likely to be bought, i.e. spending more money on a present.
nineteenthly, Aug 06 2008


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