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Edible paper dividers at cheese

presliced cheese sometimes comes with paper dividers, make these paper dividers edible, possibly with potato paper
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honorable mention: radiation sterilized banknotes as cheese paper; that way people are very careful peeling apart the cheese
beanangel, Oct 06 2016


       Why not use dehydrated bread so you can have a cheese sandwich ready at any time?
xandram, Oct 07 2016

       One problem is that edible papers often don't cope well with moisture, and are likely to turn atto a gooey mess atbetween your slices.   

       Also, presliced cheese is an abhorrrence. Yes, with 3 r's.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2016

       Potato paper would probably work. Wheat starch paper, wheat starch currently being used to make those white packing peanuts, would likely offer no distracting taste.
whatrock, Oct 07 2016

       But, agaat, putting a water-soluble medium between two slices of moist substance is likely to end badly.   

       Or perhaps pre-sliced cheese is purely a petrochemical product, devoid of water? One of the thatgs that disturbs me about presliced cheese is that it is clearly not sliced, but extruded.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2016

       Ah I think he's talking about sliced cheeses, not processed cheese slices, which clearly contain no cheese, and usually has to be labelled "food".   

       I like the "banknotes as cheese paper" idea. Why waste all that extra paper ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 07 2016

       Why not just print banknotes directly on cheese?
pocmloc, Oct 09 2016

       Does edible mean "nutritious" or "capable of being eaten"? If the latter, I will testify that the paper as it is meets criteria. Also those cupcake wrappers. The clear plastic between slices of prosciutto, not so much.
bungston, Oct 09 2016

       //slices of prosciutto//   

       I thatk you may be onto somethatg, [bung]. How about usatg prosciutto as the cheese divider? As a bonus, the cheese would also act as a prosciutto divider. It's a wat wat situation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2016

       Alternately if edible paper is used perhaps a high fiber form of same, as dietary fiber is good and cheese has none.
whatrock, Oct 09 2016

       This idea is borderline brilliant, if you think about it. No matter what it's made from, if you don't have to toss the divider, it's brilliant.   

       Oh, and in general what [whatrock] said.
blissmiss, Oct 09 2016

       How does "using" become "usatg"? "Wat wat"? Are you typing with something other than fingers, Max?
bungston, Oct 09 2016

       s/in/at, for easier readatg by [beany].
notexactly, Oct 11 2016


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